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Six Months Structured Weekend Islamic Course

posted Dec 31, 2013, 2:00 AM by Admin -
Idaarutus Salafiyyah Lil Bahoosil Islaamiyyah is pleased to announce the commencement of a six month Islamic course, aimed at imparting the much needed basic Islamic education to the Muslim youth.The classes will run on every Sunday from 8 to 10:15 am.  Though the course has been started to primarily rope in the youth, however, age will not  be a restriction for anyone willing to learn. The subjects that will be taught includes:

1. Aqeedah ( Aqeedah At Tahaawiyah) with due emphasis on Manhaj
2. Fiqh
3. Seerat (Tazkiyyah Nafs)

The faculty will constitute of following members :
1. Shaikh Abdul Wajid Madni
2. Shaikh Razee Ur Rehmaan Madni
3. Shaikh Arif Kaleem Madni (To be confirmed)  
4. Shaikh Sajid Usaid Nadwi  
5. Shaikh Imitiyaz Alam Muhammadi 

The classes will be held at following locations 
1. Masjid e Taqwa, Toli chowki
2. Masjid e Hajeera, Edi Bazar

Registration forms are available at above said mosques. For any additional queries/help feel free to call +91-9494511336, +91-9573105380.