Daur-e-Shar'iyah: Weekend Course for Adults Module#1 Results

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The felicitation cum award distribution ceremony was organised on 22-March-15 by Al -Idaaratus Salafiyyah Lil Bahoos Islamiyyah, marking the end of the first Semester of Madrasah Ibn Taymiyyah. This Madrasah is the brainchild of Al -Idaaratus Salafiyyah Lil Bahoosil Islamiyyah, aimed at imparting the much needed Islamic education to the general masses, with special emphasis to the youth. The Idaara is working under the banner of Shahri Jamiat Ahle Hadees Hyderabad-o-Secunderabad.

The Felicitation began with brief speeches of the MaShaa'ik, relating their experiences and challenges faced during the Ist Daurah. The speeches were short but replete with powerful reminders & exhortations, inspiring young men and the old alike to seek knowledge and avail this wonderful opportunity provided by Al Idaaratus Salafiyyah under the name of Madrasah Ibn Taymiyyah. Almost all the MaShaa'ik who were involved with Madrasah Ibn Taymiyyah were present at the occasion and Shaikh Shafiq Alam Jaami (Naazim Shahri Jamiat) was present as a chief guest. Mohammed Baleeguddin Saeed secured the Ist position across all the centers with 96%, followed by Muzamil Majid Lone securing the 2nd place with 93%. The following is the list of students who secured the first three positions in their respective centers.

Masjid-e-Suffa Moin Bagh
  1. Syed Altaf Hussain
  2. Mohammed Abdul Munaem Siddiqui
  3. Mohammed Abdul Aziz
Masjid-e-Furqan Mallepalli
  1. Mohammed Arif
  2. Mohammed Abdul Malik
  3. Meer Faiyaz Ali Kamal
  1. Mohammed Baleeg Uddin Sayeed
  2. Muzamil Majeed Lone
  3. Syed Idris
Masjid-e-Mohammedi Amberpet
  1. Mohammed Shakeel Ahmed
  2. Mohammed Moin Hussain
  3. Mahmood Khan
Detailed results of all the students will posted very soon Inshallah

Daur-e-Shar'iyah: Weekend Course for Adults Started

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Alhumdulilla, First of the five module Daur-e-Shar'iyah: Weekend Course for Adults started at following locations Masjid-e-Furqaan MallePalli, Masjid-e-Mohammedi Amberpet, Masjid-e-Suffa Moinbagh and Masjid-e-Taqwa Tolichowki on 19th October. There's no registration and course fee, books are also provided upon a pledge from the students to pursue with full commitment. Looking at the response from nearby places Idaara proposed to arrange transport service as well. Being first day an introductory, registrations are kept open till 26th of October 2014. 

Should you need further details feel free to contact and to Register Click Here

Daur-e-Shar'iyah: Weekend Course for Adults

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Register Online

Call 08374161445
Learn the sacred Islamic science under known scholars on the weekends. Designed for both professionals and students in universities and high schools, this program offers everyone the opportunity to tread the sacred path of knowledge on a flexible weekend schedule 

Madrasa Ibn Taymiyyah (Idaara's Education Wind) is organizing a 4 month intensive Islamic Course, entitled "Daur- e-Shariyyah". Course terms run in 4 month periods and take place 2 times per year giving students an opportunity to advance themselves through levels.The subjects of the course includes
  • Aqeedah
  • Fiqh
  • Tazkiyyah Nafs
  • Arabic Language 
  • Tajweed
These Subjects would be taught by known Scholars of Hyderabad and supervise by Sheikh Taha Saeed Madni. Registrations for the course will commence from 1st September & will close by 27th September. All the interested Students who are passionate about Islamic Studies may register as soon as possible, register online or call us.

Timings: 8.00AM to 11.30AM on Sundays 

Duration: The classes will start from 18th of October at following Mosques ends on 8th Feb 2015:
  • Masjid-e-Taqwa,Tolichowki,
  • Masjid-e-Suffa Moin Bagh, 
  • Masjid-e-Osman Zunnorain Tadbund
  • Masjid-e-Mohammedi Amberpet
  • Masjid-e-Furqan Mallepalli
  • Masjid-e-Ahle Hadith Chilkalguda
  • Sheikh Taha Saeed Madni
  • Sheikh Wajid Hasan Madni 
  • Sheikh Razi Ur Rehman Madni 
  • Sheikh Sajid Usaid Nadwi
  • Sheikh Imtiaz Alam Mohammadi 
  • Sheikh Abul Wafa Madni 
  • Sheikh Masood Hussain Mohammadi 

Namaz-e-Istisqa to bring in rain for Hyderabad

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It has been more than a month that there has been no rainfall in the current monsoon season. This has created many problems for the city inhabitants as large reservoirs, lakes & bore wells are getting dry with each passing day.

This is the time to humble ourselves before our Rubb, weep profusely & seek forgiveness & penitence for our Sins. In Shaa Allah, Allah will descend beneficial rain on us.
If weather remains dry till Sunday, then the Jamiat Ahle Hadeeth Hyderabad & Secunderabad is organizing Salatul Istisqah (Prayer for rain) on Sunday (July 6) in hockey ground, Masab Tank. The Salah will In Shaa Allah begin at sharp 6:45 am.

DATE: 6th July 2014
TIME: 6.45 AM
LOCATION: Hockey Ground, Masab Tank 

Note: - You are requested to bring your prayer mat along with you & come in modest clothes, beseeching Allah. It is also recommended to give charity while coming for the prayer

The 4th Daur-e-Ilmiyah: The Trails of Khawarij in present times

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Islam is based on Justice & equity. We are enjoined to uphold Justice in all matters and shun all routes of extremism. Perhaps the greatest calamity that befell this Ummah was the Fitna of Khawarij. Khawarij literally means 'those who went out', meaning those people who went out of the pale of Islam. It was a small faction of extremists that fomented hatred and incited people to rebellion against the Fourth rightly guided Caliph of Islam, Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him). They developed extreme doctrines that set them poles apart from the mainstream Muslims and Islam. They were known for the radical approach of Takfir (declaring Muslims as disbelievers). Khawarij ideology revolves around excommunicating the Muslim leaders and subsequently overthrowing them. They incite people to rebellion which leads to bloodshed and anarchy. They also declare those Muslims who fall into major sins as disbelievers.. Although the majority of kharijites were either killed by Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) but their ideology unfortunately endured to this day. In recent times this ideology has developed some roots within the Muslim Ummah & the consequences are there in front of everyone. Perhaps there is hardly any day that passes by except that innocent people are killed by suicide bombers, not even sparing the worshipers inside the Mosques.
In this context, Idaaratus Salafiyyah Lil Bahoos Islamiyyah is pleased to announce that it is conducting a one day extensive workshop/seminar on the topic, 'Fitna of Khawarij in Contemporary Times'. This seminar will be addressed by Dr. R.K. Noor Mohammad Madni General Secretary Jamiyat Ahle Hadith Tamilnadu and Pondicherry and will be held on 29th March, at Masjid e Taqwa, Toli Chowki from 10 am to 6 pm. 

Note:- The entry to the seminar will be based on registrations only. Interested people will have to register their names on the following numbers 9959816218 & 8121538011
The registration date closes on 28th March.

 Register Now 


Six Months Structured Weekend Islamic Course

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Idaarutus Salafiyyah Lil Bahoosil Islaamiyyah is pleased to announce the commencement of a six month Islamic course, aimed at imparting the much needed basic Islamic education to the Muslim youth.The classes will run on every Sunday from 8 to 10:15 am.  Though the course has been started to primarily rope in the youth, however, age will not  be a restriction for anyone willing to learn. The subjects that will be taught includes:

1. Aqeedah ( Aqeedah At Tahaawiyah) with due emphasis on Manhaj
2. Fiqh
3. Seerat (Tazkiyyah Nafs)

The faculty will constitute of following members :
1. Shaikh Abdul Wajid Madni
2. Shaikh Razee Ur Rehmaan Madni
3. Shaikh Arif Kaleem Madni (To be confirmed)  
4. Shaikh Sajid Usaid Nadwi  
5. Shaikh Imitiyaz Alam Muhammadi 

The classes will be held at following locations 
1. Masjid e Taqwa, Toli chowki
2. Masjid e Hajeera, Edi Bazar

Registration forms are available at above said mosques. For any additional queries/help feel free to call +91-9494511336, +91-9573105380.

Note :-
1. Seats are limited and shall be filled on first come first serve basis. 
2. There will be special emphasis on punctuality. 
2. Any student who fails to attend two consecutive classes will be detained and his registration will be cancelled with immediate effect.

Egypt - Current Incidents, Realities & Background Book Launched

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The recent commotion & unrest in Egypt has sent waves of melancholy in the Muslim Ummah. Innocent people including Children & women have been brutally maimed & killed. The need of the honour was to unify the ranks of the Muslim Ummah & face this Challenge unanimously & collectively against the western Imperialists, Zionists & the Shi’ah extremists. However, as unfortunate it can be, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt & its denominations across the Muslim world especially in the Subcontinent have put the entire blame of their subversion in Egypt on Salafis & Saudi Arabia. Both Local and international media has been flooded with the propaganda against Saudi Arabia & Salafis. This booklet provides an in depth insight on the current chaos in Egypt, with the refutations of the Articles & Lectures delivered by religious Charlatans like Salmaan Nadwi & Altaf Hussain Nadwi against Salafism & Saudi Scholars.

A book titled "Mis'r ke Haliyah Hadesaat Haqayeq aur Pas-e-Manzar" launched yesterday at Markaz Jamiat-e-Ahle Hadith (Hyderabad & Secunderabad) after an annual meeting. The book is a collection of articles by renowned Indian scholars like Abdul Moid Madani (Aligarh), Abu Rizwan Mohammedi & Hafiz Sajid Usaid Nadwi. Writers addressed some of the subjects related to political turmoil in Egypt in an Islamic perspective.

Presently it is available in Urdu and is expected in English very soon. Urdu version can be downloaded free in pdf format.

Click Here and hit Ctrl+S to Download

Daure ilmiyah Part 2: Aqeedeh Khatm-e-Nabuwwat

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Alhamdulillaah by the grace of Allaah (SWT) Al-Idaaratus Salafiyyah Lil Buhoosil Islamiyyah has conducted a workshop on Aqeedeh Khatm-e-Nabuwwat on Sunday 1st Sept 2013 at Masjid-e-Mohammadia Ahle Hadith, Kutub Khana, Bibi Bazar, Hyderabad. Targeted specifically for youth from the local community, the event was well received with over 80 young people from the locality.

The workshop delivered key messages through engaging delivery of content in a highly structured manner through a series of lectures. The aim of the workshop was to develop a holistic awareness and confidence in young people to resist attacks on the belief and to empower them to educate their friends and peers.

The full workshop was recorded on video and was live on inshallah it will be made available on our youtube channel very soon. 

We thank Brothers from Masjid-e-Mohammadia specially Br. Siddique, Ishaq, Abdurraheem & team from their efforts and hospitality. We also thank salaftube for making this program live. May Allah reward them with Jannah and spare them from jahanam.

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